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It is a synthetic fluid to hydraulic circuits of disc and drum brakes, with high stability properties at high temperatures that ensure extreme safety in use. The high boiling point allows the product to be used in complete safety even in case of particularly high temperatures, without there being the probability of the formation of dangerous vapor bubbles within the fluid. The low pour point allows its use to lower ambient temperatures. It is not corrosive towards the materials from which all the plumbing and therefore contributes to the long duration of the organs in which it is used. The product does not cause dangerous swelling of rubber parts with which they are permanently in touch, helping to avoid inconvenience to the various seals in the present braking systems. Its remarkable lubricity facilitates the proper functioning of mechanical parts present in the hydraulic circuits and helps to reduce wear of moving parts. By virtue of its high chemical stability the product is durable even under the influence of thermal stress is particularly intense. BARDAHL BRAKE FLUID conforms to the following specifications: SAE J 1703, 571,116 U.S. FMVSS, DOT 3 and DOT 4.

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