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They were born on the track, but they adapt perfectly to the chaotic driving conditions dictated by the traffic of our city. Formulated with eco-friendly materials unpublished: in their compounds, we also find a high percentage of carbon fibre and other metal fibres. Brake pads Brake Pads MHR (RED), are slower to enter the temperature, but it may not perform to the top of the rise of the speed from which you start the maneuver of deceleration. The high level of friction even at low temperatures, the significant reduction of the braking distance and longer life than the organic ones are the most evident qualities of these tablets which, being sintered, it is not recommended to pair with cast iron discs. The range of brake pads Brake Pads MHR Malossi have passed with flying colors all the severe tests of performance and durability for which they were submitted by testers epiloti of the Malossi; they are then ready to move from the slopes to the streets every day!

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