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Kit cleans lubrication chain Motul & Lampa the kit includes: 1 pack Chain Cleaner Spray Chain Clean C1 400ml 1 pack Lubricant C2 Chain Lube Road 400ml 1 Brush clean chain by cycle and motorcycle Product details: C1 MOTUL Chain Clean cleans da all types of motorcycle chains on the road and off-road and those of other vehicles: bicycles, mopeds, mopeds, go karts, quad ...). Chain Clean cleans all types of motorcycle chains on da off-road and off-road vehicles and those of other vehicles. Removes all encrusted deposits: dust, sand, earth, oil. Its chlorine-free formulation for extreme degreasing is perfectly suited to chains with O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring. C2 MOTUL Lubricant C2 Chain Lube Road. Colourless lubricant and adhesive created specifically to lubricate all le chains of road motorcycles and karts. 0.400L spray. Suitable for all types of chains: standard and with O-Ring, X-Ring, Z-Ring. Suitable for motorcycles da road and go karts. Particularly recommended su very fast motorcycles. MOTUL CHAIN LUBE ROAD adheres to the chain even at high speeds. Reduces friction and power loss. Increases chain life. Resistant to water and rust. Compatible with le seals. It contains a solvent to eliminate old residues and allows you to penetrate the connections. Clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN. Shake before use. Apply su the entire length of the internal chain: MOTUL CHAIN LUBE ROAD adheres completely after a few minutes. Refer to the safety data sheet and the information indicated on the package. BRUSH CLEAN CHAIN LAMPA Thoroughly cleans the chain of bikes and motorcycles da soil and grease residues. Robust and durable, si can use with degreasers such as diesel and gasoline. LE soft plastic bristles are indicated sia for le traditional chains than with O-Ring.

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102980 + 102981 + OUT1015

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