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The performance engines require an adequate supply of fuel and constant. Increase the performance of Yamaha T-Max, drawing on the very complete catalog Malossi, made necessary the construction of a throttle body specifi c to guarantee performance unthinkable for unity fittings. Made of Aluminum 7975-T6 aluminum and anodized black, the throttle body MHR has been designed specifi cally to achieve maximum efficiency in combination with the kit Malossi 560cc twin cylinder and with Double PowerCam, providing the right inlet to the engine in this configuration up. The inner diameter of the throttle body is enlarged to 38mm, while its length is identical to the original because you can stay without difficulty in his series of positioning between the head and airbox. Its inner ducts are cylindrical close to the croissants, to become progressively oval in correspondence of the butterfly valve. Thanks to this variation of internal form, the fresh gases are pushed with more energy inside the cylinder head which, having two intake valves, requires a significant width, offer from oval section, which continues to the end of the collector. The two manifolds supplied with the kit are increased and can only be installed on a head processed without requiring any additional change. The croissants specifi for the throttle body MHR are calculated and optimized to achieve the maximum yield from the oval sections of the bodies, taking advantage of the perfect harmonization of all the duct.

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