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Moto Specialist cleaning kit including: 1 pack of wd-40 SPECIALIST MOTO POLISHING WAX 050050 400ML 1 pack of wd-40 SPECIALIST SILICONE POLISHING MOTORCYCLE 400ML 1 pack of wd-40 SPECIALIST MOTO UNIVERSAL DETERGENT 500ML 1 Cleaner New, supermicrofibra cloth - 32x32 cm 1 Microfiber cloth cm 40x40. With wire edging. Ideal for washing, drying, cleaning, dusting. Absorbs and retains dirt

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8566 Petronas Durance Detergent Moto 400ml

cod. 267200780

The special formula is effective in removing difficult soils such as oil, grease, mud, gasoline, brake residues da frame parts and rims. The product is suitable ad any material and is also safe on aluminum alloys.

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